Special Needs - At Risk Individuals

If you are dependent on life support systems, have a disability, or are in need of any medical device which requires electricity, be aware that the power may be off for some time during and after a hurricane. Therefore, you must have advanced plans.   Pembroke Pines Prepared

Helpful Tips

All persons with a potentially severe medical need or dependency and require professional observation and maintenance should contact their health care provider and/or your physician for their recommendation.
  • If you require oxygen, check with your supplier about emergency plans
  • If you evacuate, remember to take medications, written instructions regarding your care, your walker, wheelchair, cane, identification, or special equipment along with bedding
  • Shelter options for special needs are available and advanced planning is needed. Registration is encouraged if you need assistance in an evacuation.
  • Preparing for Older Adults

Broward County Services

Special Needs Registry

TTY: 954-831-3940